Set the stage with a starfish reflection

© Nevit Dilmen CC-BY-SA-3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Use this method to set the stage in your retrospective, if you like to get feedback about the actions started after the last retrospective:

Goal: is to connect to actions of the last retrospective and to reflect about it.

Prepare a Flipchart with a table. Each line represents a topic the team decided to try out in the last sprint. Add further columns to the table:"more of", "keep doing", "less of", "stop doing”. 

Now ask the team for reflection and let the team members vote on each row with dot one dot per improvement.

TopicMore ofKeep doingLess ofStop doing
Try out TDD oooooo
Try out one piece flow ooooooo

Use the feedback for a short discussion:

  • Why should we stop doing this?
  • Why is it worth to go further?
  • What is really in for us?
  • What is the effort and value?
  • Are our expectations satisfied?
  • Why do the opinions differ that much?
  • Did anything unexpected happen?

Take 3-5 minutes discussion per action.

Have fun :-)